Rubik's Cube 4 X 4

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Cognitive benefits, smooth movement, challenge your thinking speed.

It can serve as a creative pastime and can offer you hours of engaging fun memory and problem-solving skills by trying your hand at this 4x4x4 speed cube.



  • Solving the speed cube can develop the player’s logical thinking.
  • The time has finally arrived when modern-day infants have something to keep them pre-occupied and do away with the element of boredom from their lives once and for all.
  • Cube 4 X 4 is something that can enable the little champs to have a strong control over their mind.
  • The riddle which needs to be solved in order to enjoy its usage is aligning all the sub-squares with intelligence and swiftness.
  • It is the ideal example of a superb game which looks simple, but needs a lot of patience, concentration and mental calmness.



  • Age group: 7 Years.
  • Material: Durable Plastic 
  • Color: Multicolor          
  • Dimension : 4 x 4      
  • Brand: Rubik’s Cube