Safety Camping Gas TR-219

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Portable gas stove ,it works exclusively, butane-gas cartridge.



  • Technical Features: Manual Adjustment of the flame (gas supply) by acting on  special crank.
  • Burner and base separate from propane bottle for compact, easy carrying.
  • Fits a 8-in for pan adjustable burner gives you precise temperature control wind baffles help protect your burner from wind for maximum heat
  • Portable Stove Butane Gas operated, powered with the classic cartridges, useful in camping or in all cases of emergency.
  • Equipped with three media which rest on the pot, the saucepan, the coffee maker, etc.



  • Item weight: 199.58 Grams
  • Item weight: 200 g
  • Brand: Senza maraca/Generic
  • Model: TR-219