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  • Humidifier Benefits

    Reduce Snoring
    Benefits for the home
    Making a cough more productive
    Prevent influenza
    Keeping the skin and hair moist

  • Diffuser Benefits

    Boosts your mood

    Helps clear airways for easier breathing

    Helps you to relax

    Improves clarity and focus

    Can ease aching joints

  • Humidifier Risks

    Dirty Humidifier

    the vapor a person breathes will also be dirty

    Too much humidity

    excessive levels can make breathing difficult and some allergy symptoms worse

  • Diffuser Risks

    Microbes in diffuser

    may cause infections, Clean it please after each use to prevent oil build


    Inhaling too much essential oil can lead to toxicity in young children and pets, Inhaling certain essential oils can also be harmful to pregnant women and their babies

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Basic tips for using a humidifier

1. change the water in the humidifier regularly
2. keep track of humidity levels
3. use only distilled or purified water that does not contain minerals
4. clean the humidifier regularly
5. change any filters as instructed
6. follow the manufacturer’s instructions
7. exercise caution when using a humidifier around children