UltraSonic Aroma Aromatherapy Air Humidifier 4X091

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  • This serves to maintain air humidity and can also be used as aroma therapy by putting a little deodorizer in the water.
  • Natural Moisture from The Humidifier This tool will release water moisture that makes the air stay moist, especially in air-conditioned rooms.
  • Can also use essential oils to create a fragrant room.
  • Wooden Design Made from wood-textured material that makes this humidifier suitable as decoration for room decoration.
  • RGB Light Humidifier also has an LED so that it can produce light and function as a light sleeper.
  • This LED also uses an RGB LED so that it can change colors.
  • Silent Operation Humidifier is not noisy when used so you can sleep peacefully without being disturbed by noise.
Water Capacity: 600ml
Voltage: DC 5V