Diesel Fuel For Life Eau De Toilette For Men 75ml High Quality Copy Version

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Covered with a specially battered and worn coarse khaki fabric, deliberately sewn with large stitches with a zipper, with a threaded stopper cap it resembles an army or tourist flask. A utilitarian item far from luxurious. Something that should be in every house, just in case.  launched in 2007.



  • When I first took it in my hands and read the name fuel for Life, written in rough letters, and the slogan use with caution, I thought: “Is it really the scent of vodka? It cannot be! They won't launch it for the russian market only. This is probably another aquatic and transparent fragrance on the theme of clean water." The scent was powdery sweet, while the brand promised that the bottle contained “A sexy and energetic elixir, a decoction of anis, raspberry and heliotrope flowers”.
  • A sexy, energetic, modern fragrance, eases nose with clarity maintains a classic & sophisticated masculinity, accents of a raspberry give an unexpected signature twist notes of star anise, grapefruit, raspberry, lavender, heliotrope, dry woods



  • Department : men
  • Brand : Diesel
  • ML: 75 EDT


                                          This is not the ORIGINAL product
                                                 It's a COPY "A" Version
                                             High Quality and Long Lasting