Escada Rockin Rio Limited Edition For Women 100ml High Quality Copy Version

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Is not just a perfume, it's a bottle that sensually keeps the mystery of charm. Regardless of the delay during the preparation of this fragrance, in 2011 it was finally born in the factories of escada.



  • Notes of such sounds as coconut, tangerine, papaya and pineapple are embodied in front of loyalists.
  • Peach, sugar and pine colada carry the connoisseur to the heart of the composition. Musk and sandalwood were chosen by the creator as the basic notes of these perfumes. Unforgettable fireworks of feelings will explode described perfume in the hearts of interlocutors.
  • This fruity women’s scent finds its inspiration in the exotic Brazilian samba and warm tropical days.
  • Embrace your inner free-spirit and groove your way through your day with a quick spritz of this fun-loving scent before you head out the door.
  • Designed to last as long as your day does, this sensual fragrance ensures your presence lingers after you’ve moved on to your next challenge.



  • Department : Women
  • Brand : Escada
  • ML: 100 EDT


                                          This is not the ORIGINAL product
                                               It's a COPY "A" Version
                                            High Quality and Long Lasting