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  • Air Fryer DSP KB2065
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Electric Air Fryer DSP KB2065

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Meet the next generation of deep fat fryers to take care of your health. Now you don't have to worry about not eating your favorite fries or nuggets just because they are fried in a lot of oil.



  • The new air fryer, which allows you to cook delicious crispy French fries without carcinogens, cholesterol and other harmful "stuff".
  • The removable non-stick bowl has a volume of 6 liters. The handle on the bowl allows you to conveniently remove the finished dish from the fryer.
  • The deep fryer will undoubtedly win the hearts of all who are passionate about cooking, who dreamed of normally deep-fat cooking while maximizing the preservation of the useful properties of the products, and without harmful substances. The roasting of food is carried out by the circulation of hot air, so that the crispy brown crust covers the entire food evenly.
  • When using it, oil consumption is 80% less. A pull-out bowl with a volume of 6 liters with a comfortable handle has a special non-stick coating. The deep fryer is equipped with a special filter to maximize oil removal from the bottom of the bowl.
  • The compact and stylish deep fryer will allow you to prepare your favorite fries, nuggets, onion rings, chips and spicy wings right at your home.



  • Body material: heat resistant plastic
  • Bowl volume, l: 6
  • Power, W: 1700
  • Voltage, V: 220-240
  • Frequency, Hz: 50-60
  • Non-stick coating: yes
  • Frying temperature adjustment: yes
  • Timer: yes
  • Brand: DSP
  • Model: KB2065