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  • As Seen On TV Spin Broom - DaZzoOL
  • As Seen On TV Spin Broom - DaZzoOL
  • As Seen On TV Spin Broom - DaZzoOL
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Cordless Spinning Broom for Sweeping Hard Surfaces

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Description :
  • No batteries, no cords, no bags
  • Stop hurting your back cleaning your floors with a dustpan and broom. The Spin Broom sweeps away wet and dry messes with triple brush technology. Effortlessly pick up messes from most hard surfaces with a simple push. You never touch the dirty stuff – thanks to a built-in trash receptacle that empties in seconds! Hurricane Spin Broom is ready to spin away your messes.
  • Lightweight and easy to use
    Your generic broom can be cumbersome to use. Hurricane Spin Broom is the easiest way to pick up dirt and debris from your hard floors. It weighs 1.5-pounds, so it’s super lightweight and easy to maneuver. To use, simply move Hurricane Spin Broom across your surface in a forward motion, applying a slight downward force. When not in use, hang on a hook behind your door, in a pantry, or in your garage.
  •  Hurricane Spin Broom is not a sweeper. It only works when you push forward.
  •  Do not pick up objects on fire, such as embers or cigarettes.
  • To ensure that your Hurricane Spin Broom works optimally with each use, occasional maintenance is required. After repeated use, you may notice hair and pet fur collected around the cylinder brush. Get rid of this collected hair easily with the included brush comb. Simply comb through the bristles in short, even strokes to remove hair, then dispose.
works on hard floor surfaces, such as tile, wood, laminate, stone, and more. The broom does not work on carpet surfaces.