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  • Clean Reach No More Stretching Bending Or kneeling
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Clean Reach No More Stretching Bending Or kneeling

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Easy cleaning within clean reach  touch-free cleaning an extending handle makes it easy to reach no more straining, bending, or kneeling ideal for removing stubborn dirt an ergonomic design means that it cleans comfortably  features a flexible.



  • 3-in-1 angled pad has a soft side to polish and clean mirrors and glass  no more bending or kneeling now you can easily wash and scrub showers, mirrors, and other surfaces with the touch-free clean reach.
  • Its ergonomically designed extending handle provides easy access to spaces that are difficult to reach, cleaning high or low spaces without bending, kneeling, or reaching means you; all always be comfortable while doing chores.



  • Length: 423-885mm (min- max).
  • Cleaning pad: 137x96x17mm.
  • Weight: 194.7g.
  • Brand: Clean Reach