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Domino Game Set for Kids and Adults

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Stack them up and Knock them down Super fun for your kids to play.

Description :

  •  Set them up all in a row, and then push one and watch the chain effect of the dominoes tumbling over like a race.
  •  Excellent for use in educational math games: Counting, Adding, Subtracting, Multiplication.
  •  Also learning valuable skills of patience and developing imagination. 
  • Develop Kid's Fine Motor Skills Perfect for toddler's color recognition, hand-eye coordination ability and great for fine motor skills.
  • Kids can use the blocks to make different arrangement and they will not stop playing with the blocks. 

Specifications :

  • Number of Puzzle Pieces : 100 Pcs or 200 pcs
  • color : 10  colors
  • Material Type(s) : wood 
  • Manufacturer recommended age : 4 months and up