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Electric Shock Type Mosquito Killer Lamp Ultrathin

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Use special light waves of special lamps to lure mosquitoes, flies and other insects into the mosquito killer, and then kill them by DC high voltage that is not dangerous to humans and animals.

Description :

  • Mosquito lamp is designed with energy saving, decoration, hypnosis and cool color.
  •  Environmentally friendly products, clean, non-toxic, odorless, no need to add any pesticides when using, no harmful factors for humans and animals.
  •  Light color, low-consumption lighting, decorative brilliance, can make indoor night activities and other special convenience.
  •  Durable and can be used continuously for a long time without interruption.
  • Advanced circuit design, beautiful appearance, power saving, no pollution, safe and reliable, long service life, low power consumption.



  • Color:  White
  • Size: 380*275*80
  • Power: 20W or 30W
  • input voltage: 110V
  • Output 2500V~2800V 
  • Model : KF-4020 , KF-4030