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  • Gorilla Octopus Camera Tripod with Phone holder Z-03
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Gorilla Octopus Camera Tripod with Phone holder Z-03

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Camera enthusiasts often need more than two hands to capture the perfect moment. Using allows for better-quality photos, even those taken from a more challenging perspective.



  • Stability on any surface: Flexible, wrap able legs with rubberized ring and foot grips stabilize camera on virtually any surface, to capture memories that would have been previously impossible.
  • Precise control with 90° tilt and 360° pan: quickly orient your camera and nail beautiful compositions with portrait and landscape setups.
  • Smooth panning without tilt: dual-action adjustment knob with separate locking mechanism allows for secure horizontal and vertical movement.
  • Quick set up, level images: quick-release clip stays connected to your camera for instant setup while the bubble level on the ball head ensures level shots every time.
  • The socket uses a universal 1/4 screw, so all cameras and DSLRs that have this type of socket can use this tripod.
  • Complete flexibility, made of ABS Plastic and Rubber.
  • Complete flexibility, made of hard plastic, ring and foot grips, each leg has nine black ball and socket joints.
  • Provide extra gripping power to most surfaces, stays connected to your camera for nearly instant setup.
  • Compatible with Mobile Phones, digital camera, GoPro and compact video camera.
  • Enables extra security to ensure your camera is safely attached.
  • The base plate on this tripod is rubber coated to prevent camera slippage.
  • Even with its compact size, the  is able to hold video cameras and cameras with or without a Zoom lens.



  • Material : ABS + Plastic
  • Weight: 255g
  • Height : 25cm
  • Capacity : 3kg
  • Compatibility: For DSLR, Mobile phone
  • Brand: TRIPOD
  • Model : Z-03