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Handheld Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue Vibration KH-320

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  • Convenient to use Has A compact size Health massage Speed 2100-3600 rpm Works from the battery life up to 6 hours Charging 2 hours Complete 4 interchangeable heads and charging Massager Fascial gun-it is simple, but effective device, keeping tone muscles and body shaping.
  • Fascial gun using vibration affect the all muscle group, promotes  pains in the lumbar area, it is effective for treatment and recovery natural working muscles, internal organs, decrease manifestations of cellulite.
  • The massager include different heads, it is equipped with six speeds for comfortable use on any part of the body.
  • Effective Vibration improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage skin and muscle, is conducive to eliminate toxins. Fascial gun suitable men and women, and men, it will cause muscle tone and relieve fatigue after intense workout or heavy working day. Device silent.