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Electric Hair Clipper Rechargeable Kemei KM-2021

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Description :
  • The hair clipper with grooming options lets you easily trim your hair, and provides you different excellent cutting experience!
  • The blade will not rust or tangle your hair, it always clips neatly and ensures high durability, not hurting the scalp with hair residue of 0.2mm.
  • Meanwhile, with the small and delicate clipper body, your kids also can join with you to enjoy haircuts.
  • There are 3 adjustable guide combs ( 1mm / 2mm / 3mm ) trim length and make all sorts of length hair easily
  • The USB cable can compatible with any USB charger to let you walk. away from the charger for maximum mobility and convenience.
Specifications :
  • Voltage : 220-240V 50-60Hz
  • Power : 3W
  • Brand : Kemei
  • Model : KM-2021
  • USB charging adaptor 
  • DC charging adaptor