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Multi-function FootBath Massager

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Foot Bath Massager massages your feet at the end of a hard work's day relieves stress as it regulates the flow of blood and improves its circulation. But as not everyone can afford to go to a professional masseuse, the next best thing would be a machine that can offer the same benefits at a fraction of the cost. It Offers you Foot Spa Massage that lets you have a relaxing pedicure in the comfort of your home or office. Features: Plastic Housing. 4 - Stage Switch. For use with or without water as well as for air-bubble massage. Foot rest with 320 massage nodes. Foot rollers for zone massage. 40 air valves for invigorating air-bubble massage. water level marks and pouring out cavity. 4 anti-skid rubber feet. Splash guard. Roller massager