Air freshener Sprays Cans 30 days Supply Odora 300ml

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Most effective metered aerosol air fragrance for longer lasting performance. Odora Air freshener Automatic Refill Sprays Cans 300ml



  • Refresh your day with air freshener.
  • All of the products are Lab tested, Ozone friendly, child and environment safe.
  • Unique fragrances are composed of 75% oil scent essence, for this reason are stronger, fresher and long lasting.
  • Air fresheners are designed to eliminate bad odors and add fragrance or freshness to the home/work environment.
  • Ideal for commercial buildings, rooms, offices, hospitals, hotels, etc.… for use in washrooms, lobbies, passages, areas, reception and conference rooms - use one for every 6000 cuff.



  • Net volume: 300ml
  • Days supply: 30