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Rechargeable Touch Switch Desk Lamp with Flexible JL-815A

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Description :

  • Touch the "Finger Sign" the lamp will be lighting. touch again, the lamp will be OFF.
  • When charging we should insert the plug into a DC5V. If the charging indicator is up, then the desk lamp is charging.
  • The lamp should be charged for about 4 hours.
  • When the lamp is full charged, if can be used for about 8h (dim light) ~4h(strong light).
  • When the light become dim, we should stop using it and charge it timely, in order tom protect the battery. Multi angle rotation.

Specifications :

  • Power : 9W
  • Charging voltage and current : AC 5V
  • Amperage : 2A
  • Battery : 3000mAh
  • USB line
  • Touch switch