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Scarlett Electric Kettle 2.0L SC-20A

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Description :
  • The inner cover is steel design, safe and secure.
  • A key switch to boil water, sensing the water boil then close the power automatically.
  • The unique texture luster, high-quality food grade stainless steel, safer and easier to clean
  • Intelligent temperature control system, close the power automatically after the water boil, save worry and security.
  • You can Twining the wire under the chassis, better storage power cord to avoid damage
  • The unique anti-scald protection effect. the surface temperature of the kettle is 20 °C-30 °C. avoid scalding your hand.
  • Boiling water just needs 5 minutes.

Specifications :

  • Brand : scarlett
  • Model : SC-20A
  • capacity : 2.0L
  • Wattage : 1500W