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Seat Topper 5 Massager Car/home use

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relieves tension, pain and stress for the back, neck, and shoulders. for people with nagging back pain and discomfort, the massage cushion is a practical solution. When placed on your car seat, simply plug in the socket and adjust the speed and intensity of the massage with the wired controller. This is a must get product for long driving trips,
It is also useful at home while reading, relaxing or watching TV for a comforting back massage.
  • For long driving trips, it comes as blessed relief.
  • Material- Polyester cover
  • Five vibration motors inside
  • Five Massaging modes- kneading/tapping/rolling/pulse/auto
  • Four massage zones- upper back/lower back/hips/thighs
  • Penetrating heat to lumbar
  • Can be operated by multi-functional hand controller easily
  • Integrated strapping systems can be used in cars, offices and households
  • Timer functions- 15/30/60 minutes