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Umate Home Photoepilator Home Pulsed Light T-006

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Say goodbye to excess hair forever!


  • Brand: Umate
  • Model: T-006
  • T u: intense pulsed light
  • Power: 36 W
  • Application: bikini zone, face, legs
  • Five power modes
  • 300,000 flashes
  • Country of origin: China
  • Epilation can be nice Without irritations and cuts.
  • Photoepilator Umate Home Pulsed Light T-006 creates a powerful beam of concentrated light that destroys the hair follicles and eliminates unwanted body hair. 
  • As a result, the hair simply stops growing.
  • What are the advantages of Umate Home Pulsed Light T-006.
  1. Great resource : The resource of the device is designed for 300,000 flashes, the stock of which should be enough for 15 years of using the device.
  2. Additional photocell: Included is a replaceable lamp, the use of which will extend the service life of the device.
  3. Network operation: The process of hair removal will be continuous, no need to wait for the battery to charge.
  4. Power control: It is possible to select the flash output for different areas of the body and face.
  5. Affordable price: The cost of similar photoepilators of this level is 3-5 times higher .

How it works

What do you get from using the 

  1. Guaranteed disposal of unwanted facial and body hair.
  2. No pain or discomfort from the procedure
  3. Smooth skin for a long time (up to 6 months) or forever
  4. Safe use without cuts and skin irritations 
  • Number of flashes: 300,000 Pulses.
  • Lamp replacement: The lamp does not change. Low cost allows you to purchase a new photoepilator instead of replacing the lamp.
  • Coverage area of ​​the treated surface: 4 square meters at a time, there is a nozzle with a coverage of 2-3 square meters
  • Additional nozzles: There is an additional nozzle with a smaller coverage area (for the face, bikini area, etc.)
  • Power adjustment: 5 power adjustment modes